Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I was thumbing through an old Gardener's Supply catalog the other day when I spotted some metal chickens meant for use as garden decor. But they weren't ordinary chickens. They were FUNKY chickens. I thought they might be fun to draw in one of my art journals.

But, when I sat down at my art table and started thinking about how I would draw them, my mind somehow veered over to thinking about how I would carve them instead. That led to this.

I didn't bother trying to carve their little skinny legs. I knew something that fragile would just get torn off. Instead I draw them in by hand after stamping the bodies, putting them in whatever position I choose.

Of course, Funky Chickens would be a bit color-mad, would they not?

So let's hear it for Funky Chickens...

and their Funky Chicken Coops!

P.S. Did you know that Austin hosts a Funky Chicken Coop Tour each year? Check it out here.


Donna Lange said...

Love those hand carved chicken stamps!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Have you done any stamp carving Donna? Talk about going into an art trance! It's like a form of meditation for me.

Donna Lange said...

I have done a little stamp carving, I bought Julie Fey Fan Balzer's book but have not dove into it -- I keep thinking, as soon as I finish this online class, and then the next one and the next.... But I am inspired by your chickens and may just have to devote some time to it!