Tuesday, March 24, 2015


One of my very first artistic attempts was a little to-do list that I made shortly after moving here to the Hill Country. For some unknown reason, I got a wild notion that it needed illustrations. Those first attempts were pretty pitiful, but I got better over time. Alas, once I discovered on-line art classes and art journaling, those to-do lists fell by the wayside. I did, however, save them all in a notebook, for they are a great reminder of the thrill and adventure of those first five years at Seasonality, as we learned what it meant to be living the good life. Hope you will enjoy this glimpse at some of my "spring" to-do lists. (I apologize for the blur, which was a result of blowing them up large enough for you to actually read my handwriting.)

Stay tuned! I'll post a few more tomorrow.

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