Monday, February 9, 2015


Hubby, looking rather French, don't you think?
Warning: If you live up north, and are currently buried under several feet of snow, you may not want to read this post.

The sun finally came out late last week, and we were positively giddy about it.  Our old friends Paula and Tim came to town on Friday, and the sun made their visit just that much better. Paula and I had been invited to a retirement luncheon for our friend Nurse Nellie, whom we met back in the late 70s when we were all living in Bahrain. Her daughter ordered one of those yummy cakes from Sugar Shack for the celebration.

Nellie's grandbaby Wyatt gives it his seal of approval!
While we were at the luncheon, our three hubbies went to the newish Black's Barbecue over in San Marcos, then paid a visit to their favorite little cigar shop down on the square.

Saturday was such a pretty day that we opted to spend most of it out of doors. We started by taking Paula and Tim for a walk through Wimberley's lovely little cemetery, which holds some of our earliest settlers, then on down to the Blue Hole. After lunching at Inoz, overlooking Cypress Creek, we took them back to get packed up, then we all headed out to inspect Fall Creek Vineyards new tasting room that recently opened up across from Salt Lick Barbecue. Apparently they just bought some little old lady's house and didn't have to do much to convert it.

I could live in that house! Only problem is, you'd be hungry all the time, because of the smoke drifting over from Salt Lick. Did you know that Salt Lick has their own vineyard now? Fall Creek actually uses some of those grapes in one of their wines. Wonder if it has hints of BBQ in its bouquet?

Unfortunately, our visit with the Sanfords had to end right after that, but the outdoor weekend fun did not! Sunday afternoon we met up with a group of friends we haven't got together with since Lexie's wedding. One couple has a young daughter and a teenaged Russian exchange student. Both were delighted to spend time here.

The adults spent their time here, chowing down on some of Outdoor Woman's fabulous Mexican cuisine.

Best of all, I am ever so happy to report that, after several false starts, I have finally figured out how to make my favorite Tout de Suite Praline recipe come out just right in my new microwave.

Hubby, Paula and Tim were more than happy to help me get rid of the not-so-perfect ones.

So I ask you, could a weekend in February possibly get any better?


Corrine at said...

Nice seeing photos of fun in the sun since we are snowing again here. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

I really don't think I could cope with your kind of winter, but I guess it means more time in your studio, huh?