Friday, January 2, 2015


Well, city officials may have decided to cancel the New Year's Eve festivities in Austin this year, due to inclement weather, but it would seem the people of Austin did not get the message. We ourselves chose to ignore the message, for we had a birthday to celebrate! We began by checking into our hotel in downtown Austin. Not the one we really wanted to stay in, which had jacked its prices up to triple what we paid last time, but hey - this view was none too shabby!

Plus, it was still in easy walking distance of Roaring Fork, the restaurant where we met up with all the kiddoes to celebrate Hubby's big day.

And, even though we weren't staying at the Driskill this time, that didn't mean we couldn't go hang out there after dinner, right? They have a great little bar on their upstairs mezzanine, and the original plan was for the boys to go there and the girls to go to their precious bakery/cafe, Cafe 1886, so we were kinda surprised when the boys showed up in the cafe about 5 minutes later.  Turns out the bar was charging a hefty twenty five bucks each cover charge that evening!

The walk back to our hotel took us straight down 6th street, which is to Austin as Bourbon St. is to New Orleans.

Like I said, I guess no one got the message about New Year's Eve getting cancelled. And, from the way most of those young college cuties were dressed, they must not have heard it was going to be cold enough to freeze your winnebago either! That, or they just couldn't bear to cover up their short, snazzy outfits with a big ol' coat.

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