Monday, December 1, 2014


For a while there, it seemed like we were going to the Texas "Ren Fest", which opened before we even had kids, at least once a year. However, when Darling Daughter and her hubby (I'm still not used to saying that!) invited us all to go with them this year, I realized that the last time we went, they were still in high school. And boy, has it ever changed since then! Back then it was all about the knights and wenches. Now, not so much. For one thing, each weekend has a theme. We went during the "Celtic Christmas Celebration", so there were more than a few Santas and kilts, and even Santas wearing kilts. Here is a very small sampling of what we saw this year. 

You can go through a lot of cash at this place!
Santa's been working out!

Wings have always been popular, but tails are something new since I was last there.

The Renaissance Version of Do-Si-Do
An entire fashion industry has developed here, selling everything from the original chain mail and swords to pirate gear, fairy wings, steam punk accessories, the aforementioned tails, and even these Mad-Max-style helmets! My friend and Muse, Fiber Woman, is a big part of that fashion industry, and has been since they first opened. I will show you some of her work tomorrow.

 Anyone recognize these three lovely ladies?

These three knights?

If you need a hint, the one in the middle is carrying coconut halves.
What about these three pirates?

My Own Three Goofballs
Check out some of the creatures we ran into...

Amazing as all these costumes were, there was one group that outshone all the rest. And, rather than having to choose just one photo from that group, I decided to give them their own separate "color-mad" post. Tomorrow!

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