Monday, December 8, 2014


I decided this year that I was going to bring some of my larger succulents inside for the winter, so I won't have to start over from scratch next spring. I planted them inside recycled nursery pots we had stashed, then set those inside a mish-mash of cheap plastic pots with drainage wells that I had picked up at Garden Ridge. Here you see the result of my efforts.

Isn't it fortunate then, that all of these guys will blend in perfectly, not only with my year-round home decor...

but also with my Christmas decor!

The only big succulent I haven't yet potted up is this one below, mainly because it is doing something I've never had happen before. It's trying to bloom!

So far, however, there is no sign of color on this bloom. I thought I'd leave it outside until the next freeze is predicted, just to see what happens.

Speaking of holiday decor, something strange is afoot here at Seasonality. It would appear that one of Santa's elves is at work, for every time I leave the house for any length of time, something new appears in my yard!

First it was these...

and then these appeared...

but best by far was this fellow, who replaced that poor little mouse who got blown and battered to bits last year.

Sure hope he fares better than Mr. Mouse, cuz I just love, love, love coming home at night to this...

and this.

Good luck Mr. Cactus!

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