Friday, December 19, 2014


When I went to that craft fair not long ago, cardmaker LaNell passed on a most amazing bit of scuttlebut. There was a new scrapbooking store. In wee little Wimberley! Well, I don't do scrapbooking, so I didn't get too terribly excited. I figured it would be a teeny-tiny place, with a very limited selection. Plus, you wouldn't be-lieve how fast things go in and out of business here. Sometimes it's best not to rush out and get your hopes up. To tell you the truth, I all but forgot about it until yesterday, when I took a different route than usual and spotted this sign near the big interior design store my daughter worked at while in college.

I got out and walked all around the little strip of shops next door to it, but couldn't find the new shop anywhere. Guess why. Because, they're actually in that big gorgeous building where Interior Elements used to be -- they've got the whole dang thing!

What is more, they have a whole lot more than just scrapbook paper.

They have stamps and stencils...

pens and gelatos, silks and twinks, ephemera and tools,  and all sorts of stuff that art journalists and mixed-media artists might use...

plus precious ways to contain them all!

Love, love, love all the unique pieces of furniture they are using for their displays.

They even have some gifts, balloons, and gift wrap.

The largest bag was only $1.60!
Best of all, they have this amazing loft space, where they plan to offer classes after the first of the year. And not just scrapbooking classes -- they are looking for instructors in other mediums as well, maybe even quilting. I have never had the patience for teaching, but sure would love an excuse to hang out in this beautiful space with other crafty souls.

I always thought Wimberley was pretty much the perfect place to live. Now I'm sure of it!


Donna Lange said...

Well that is awesome! Perhaps this is a chance for me to meet u in Wimberley for some art together! : )

LaNell said...

Pretty awesome, my friend. This is a keeper. Thanks for passing the word.

Corrine at said...

Oh lucky you. Looks like a swell place to browse for goodies. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yes Donna, a playdate would be awesome. Who knows,maybe one of you gals could come teach a class here! You can rest assured, I will do my part to keep them afloat!