Tuesday, November 11, 2014


As you know, I didn't even take my camera to the wedding, wanting to be fully immersed in the moment. I knew everyone else would be downloading their pics to a common website, and figured I could share some of those with you while we waited for the professional photos to come in. As it turns out, my blog host blocks me from grabbing and posting photos from other sites, including our wedding site! Sooooooo, I decided to message everyone in the family, asking them all to email me a few of their favorites, and I will share them with you as they come in. Just got these from big sister Poodie, taken at the rehearsal dinner, which was held on Halloween!

Niece Stephanie and her hubby came dressed for Dia de los Muertos. She even made her own headdress! 

Nephew Kevin and his wife came a la Duck Dynasty -- not too much of a stretch. Doubt if they had to buy anything except maybe the beard. He gets oodles of brownie points, however, for missing opening day of hunting season to come to this wedding!

My favorite photo from the Thomas Clan is this one of me and my three siblings. We'd been led to believe that my sister Gus would not be attending, and that only her hubby Bud would be here, but it turned out to be the other way around!

When did Gus get so tall?
Unfortunately, she didn't even bother to wear a costume, but chose to dress in her usual attire, complete with a tote full of Diet Dr. Pepper and puzzle books!

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