Thursday, November 20, 2014


On our last full day at Lucky Star we sat down to the most fabulous dinner yet, including the infamous "Krack Kale" that I've been yammering about all year. Then it was time for Show & Tell!

We were absolutely blown away by how much Shawn's Irish dancers and Mandy's Girl Guitar group had managed to accomplish in just a few short days. If anyone who is reading this has video of either of these things, please, please link to it here in the comments!

Next it was time to shop the wares of our fellow campers...

I blew all my money here at Kimberley's booth!
Katherine Autographs Books
and even make some stuff!

Kelley's Monoprint Journal Tutorial
Last but not least, of course, there was one last song-fest around the campfire, with S'mores! Then it was off to bed to dream about all the things we had done, the people we had met, and the things we hope to do next year. You see, that's the only thing I do not like about Lucky Star. There just aren't enough hours in the day, and there will always be at least one or two classes you regret missing out on, once you see the results. For me, it was this one...

the Chicken Butt class! That's where they learned to screen print awesome stuff like the t-shirt above, kitchen towels, or whatever their little hearts desired.

Yep, next year I'm definitely takin' that one!

But, now I'm home, and there's no time for mopin'. Tonight we're headed out to hear Eliza Gilkyson play over at Susannah's Kitchen, and tomorrow morning we take off for Houston, to meet up with our besties Paula and Tim. We decided to celebrate Tim's birthday and kick off the holiday season by spending the weekend here, and we're hoping the whole dang shopping center is just dripping with twinkle lights! Catcha later!

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