Friday, October 3, 2014


I just can't believe it. My baby girl is getting married in less than a month. We've made it to the final stretch! Know what I love? My refrigerator door -- with its collection of out-of-the-ordinary invations. Up this weekend? The bridesmaid luncheon, hosted by my BFF Paula!

Paula and her hubby "Toad" come in tomorrow, and plans are to try a new Texas Tapas joint over in Kyle called Dark Horse. On Sunday Paula and I will head up to Chez Zee in Austin -- that fun place Hubby took me to for Mother's Day -- and the boys will head off in search of more manly food.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks there will be a luncheon shower hosted by her co-workers, and before you can blink an eye, it will be time for this...

 and this!

 Where did the time go? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago when we were first trying on these?

Wow. Time truly does fly!


LaNell said...

So exciting! Happy for you all!

Corrine at said...

Oh nice invites. Love her dress, she looks like a tulip blossoming. So pretty, so sophisticated yet old fashioned feeling at the same time. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

A tulip blossoming -- love it! She took my breath away when she came out in this one. Great shop in Austin called Unbridaled -- lots of uncommon dresses with a vintage feel.