Friday, October 24, 2014


I was flipping through the winter issue of Artful Blogging magazine this morning, and came across an article by Mary Wangerin, who blogs at The Turquoise Paintbrush. I knew I'd found a kindred spirit when she said "I gather great inspiration through mindfully honoring little moments like these every day. Beautiful details can so easily get lost in the daily rush; and to me, it really is all in the details." That's one of the main reasons I blog -- to notice the details, and remember.

I suppose if I had to identify one special gift or talent that I have, that would be it. I notice simple things, and they make me very happy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why my hubby married me, hoping that some of my giddiness would rub off on him. Not only do I notice things when I'm out and about, I also develop little rituals that make ordinary things more enjoyable. Take chocolate for instance.

This is my favorite kind -- Hershey's Special Dark. I've tried tons of the hoity-toity verieties, but keep coming back to this one. The others seem too bitter to me. Plus they're expensive, and hard to find when you live in the boonies, while this is available in most any grocery or drug store.

Each bar has eight of these little squares in it, and I usually have one square after each meal when I'm home. Lots of people have said "No way! How do you stop at one square? I'd probably eat the whole bar in one sitting!" Well, that's because you're just not eating it right.

There is an art to eating good chocolate. For one thing, you need to give it all of your attention. This is no time for multi-tasking!

Take your one square and divide it into four pieces. Put one piece into your mouth. Now, here's the secret. No teeth, just tongue. Use your tongue to hold the piece up against the roof of your mouth until it begins to melt. Roll it around in your mouth to spread the melted joy around. Swallow some of the juice, then press the solid bit to the roof of your mouth again. Repeat until every last trace of it is gone. The best thing about this particular bar is that it is very thick, so it takes longer to melt.

Move on to the next little piece of your square. Repeat until all four are gone. Now, wasn't that more satisfying than if you'd popped the whole square into your mouth, chomped once or twice, and swallowed the lot of it in one gulp? Of course you'd be wanting more then!

There you have it -- something simple that makes me oh so happy.

Wangerin closed her article by saying "The moment I realized that it doesn't so much matter how far I travel, but what I see -- the inspiration well inside remains filled to the brim. So what are you waiting for? Those little moments in your life are abundantly anticipating your notice. It is my hope that you will treasure and celebrate them. Every single one."

That is my hope as well. And, when you do notice them, I hope you will share a few with us.


Diane said...

Lovely instructions on how to get the most out of your chocolate.
I especially love the last comments. Noticing and reveling in those special moments and experiences make life so rewarding.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Like the lady said, it's all in the details, isn't it?