Thursday, September 18, 2014


I almost forgot to tell you what my hubby was up to this weekend, while Lexi and I were at the shower in Dallas. He went on Austin's first annual Weird Homes Tour, and it was a doozie! His favorite house was one called Casa Neverlandia, and I must agree. If ever there was a house that screamed Becky T. Lane, it would have to be this one!

The man was obviously born with my kind of color-madness!

The owner is a bead artist, and his creations are hanging throughout the house, though I'm not sure you can see any in these photos here. This next shot from his studio actually makes me drool!

I just adore a house with curves!

Not shown is the swinging bridge that leads across to his treehouse!

The owner says he can guarantee there's been at least one car that has run off the road when rubbernecking to get a better look at his home. Perhaps being on the home tour will help prevent future incidents.

Of course, this wasn't the only home on the tour. If you follow the link above, you'll be able to see the others, which included a teeny-tiny home of less than 400 sq. ft., an earthbag home, an artsy compound consisting of an old Victorian farmhouse and several cottages, and more! One thing is for certain -- there's no way that Lex and I will be missing out on this tour next year!

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Corrine at said...

What an amazing house. Off to check out the tour. xox