Thursday, September 4, 2014


After another lovely, leisurely breakfast in the courtyard, we decided to take Outdoor Woman's advice and "pony up" for one of the carriage rides that you can catch down near the old market.

The carriages can hold as many as sixteen people each, and are very well regulated, so there is no chance of being gouged. The best part is that the drivers are fountains of knowledge. They have to pass a rigorous history test every three years, in order to keep their jobs.

We got to see so much wonderful stuff, it would have been impossible to cover it all on foot. And we enjoyed it all in shaded comfort!

It cost fifty bucks for the two of us, but it was worth every penny!

One restaurant we wanted to try, but were unable to, is Husk, on Queen St. Their focus is on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and Outdoor Woman gave it rave reviews.

Unfortunately, one must make reservations well in advance. Maybe next time.

Another we hoped to try was Hyman's Seafood, but every time we walked past the line was out the door and down the block.  So, imagine our surprise when we finished our carriage ride and started trudging down Meeting St. in search of grub, then suddenly realized "Whoa! That was Hymans we just passed. And there was no line. At all!" As if that weren't enough, our little map of the city had a coupon for a free appetizer there!

So, remember those peanuts we saw in all the market stalls the day before? Well, this is what they do with them. They boil them and serve them as a slimy little appetizer.

Lex and I both agreed that they must be an acquired taste (as in they sucked. so. bad!) These hushpuppies, on the other hand, were dee-lightful.

And that free appetizer I mentioned earlier? Well, when I read the description it made me a bit nauseous.  Fried green tomatoes, over grits, with cheddar cheese, and parmesan alfredo sauce? I don't think so! But, then again, it was free. So we tried one bite each. And then another. And another. Fortunately, we reigned ourselves in before we were too full to enjoy our fried oysters and shrimp po'boy.

Guess what? When we came out of Hymans, the line was again out the door and down the block. It was a miracle!

To be continued...

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