Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Woohoo! A new on-line art class from Junelle Jacobsen just went live. This one is called Farmer's Market, and is all about summer and food and whimsey and food and watercolor and inspiration gathering, and oh yeah! Did I mention food?

This is a little sample project that she posted on her blog for us to do -- a teaser, if you will, just to get us all titillated!

There are three main things that I love about Junelle's classes. One is her laid back, loose-as-a-goose attitude towards art. She absolutely refuses to let you go all uptight and perfectionist on her!

Crazy Owls From A Previous Class
Second is that I couldn't draw or use watercolors when I started taking her classes, at all. Now, I can.

Love Junelle, Love Her Sheep!
Most of all though, is her sense of whimsey. I love humor in art, and no one can make me giggle like Junelle! I mean, who else would see people with their pets at a farmers' market and start thinking "Hmmm. A dog...at a market...holding giant veggie balloons? Hey, it could happen!"

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