Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm sure you've heard me mention my favorite taco joint, Mima's, a million times. However, unless you live here in Wimberley, you probably didn't realize they're not the only game in town. In fact, we are a town divided, with each half being adamant that their favorite taqueria far outshines the other! Mima's has your more basic, traditional tacos, and you add your own heat from the salsa bar. The other joint goes more for exotic combinations, with the heat included -- sometimes, a lot! I tried it a couple of times, but always ended up going back to Mima's, who has the best chicken fajita taco I've ever tasted anywhere! Outdoor Woman and her family are diehard fanatics about the competition, and are ever determined to lure me to the other side. After coffee last week, she convinced us to join her there for one of these -- the Cabo Taco.

She was right. They were to die for! Every bit as delicious as the Baja fish tacos we first tried out in San Diego. Just watch out for the tiny bits of jalapeno scattered throughout. They pack a killer punch.

I enjoyed it so much that I dragged my hubby back there a few days later. He tried a beefy, cheesy one, of course, and topped it with a good dollop of their "Mean Green" sauce.

Seating options include metal cafe tables on the "terrace", picnic tables out under the trees, or the best choice for a hot day, the "beer room."

Of course, Mima's is still my go-to place, but occasionally, this one makes for a nice change of pace.

Oh yeah, I guess you are wondering if this place has a name? Why yes, it does. It's called "the Diamond Shamrock filling station out on RR12, next to the tire store."

Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that!

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