Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Had a wonderful time with The Muses here yesterday. We managed to get through our lunch without any contractors barging in to demolish my kitchen. In fact, we had so much fun, it was almost dinnertime before the party broke up! The only upsetting part came after everyone left, when I realized that, once again, I hadn't remembered to snap a single dang picture to share with you here on the blog. DOH! This, however, got me to thinkin', and I've come to the conclusion that my forgetting to take pictures at almost all of the really important stuff? Well, that's probably a good thing. 

You see, just a couple of days ago, after seeing a little YouTube video called Look Up, I wrote this in my morning pages: "I've been thinking about how much I hate seeing an entire table in a restaurant these days, where everyone at the table has their faces glued to their i-phones, instead of looking at each other. Or, seeing a little kid trying to talk to a mom or dad who is paying more attention to their phone than to the kid. Then there was that family with three kids who came into the cafe where we were eating lunch not long ago. As soon as they sat down the dad pulled out three tablet gizmos, passing one to each kid. All possible conversation nipped in the bud before it even had a chance to begin! To tell you the truth, it made me want to cry. I couldn't help but remember how hearing our kids talk at dinner each evening, and thinking of ever new ways to draw the details of their days out of them, was pretty much the high point of our lives for about twenty years. Gawd! How we missed it when they left!"

After I wrote that, I started wondering if, perhaps, my blog and my camera might be keeping me from being fully engaged in my life. Fortunately, yesterday's no-photo episode reminded me that I almost never remember to take pictures when I'm having too much fun with friends and family. I don't even have a tablet or an I-pod, and though John did make me get an android phone, I'm probably the only person around who doesn't do anything with it, other than answer calls. So, I guess it's fairly safe to say that gizmos have not yet prevented me from being present when it really counts.

What about you? Are you remembering to "Look Up"?


musingegret said...

I'm totally in agreement with you Becky. My sig other also 'upgraded' me to a smartphone 3 months ago; all I do is make/answer calls or send him teeny text msgs when absolutely necessary. It just seems so rude to me to attend a party or gathering and people are staring at their devices instead of interacting/engaging with each other. What has this tech revolution wrought??

Corrine at said...

I couldn't agree more. People can't even walk their dogs without talking or looking at their phones. Let's just keep living life and take a photo now and then. Dinner with family - priceless. xox