Sunday, May 25, 2014


Never thought I'd see the day...

when a (soon-to-be) family member would come roaring up our driveway on a Harley. And I do mean roaring. He actually switched the pipes out so they would make more noise. He says this way he doesn't need a horn. He can just rev his engine to let people know he's coming.

Notice Alexis followed him over in her little red jelly bean. She takes after her mama in more than just looks. At least she made it home nice and dry, unlike some people we know. Just glad he made it home safe and sound!

Meanwhile, Hubby and I are headed off to our favorite resort in San Antonio for a little anniversary get-away. The plan was to spend our time floating on their Lazy River in peace and quiet, before the schools let out and it fills up with rambunctious kiddos. Unfortunately, it's looking as if those same thunderclouds that caught Nate on his ride home yesterday are planning to stick around the whole time we are there. Better pack some good books, just in case.