Friday, March 14, 2014


Hubby had a few more photos, from his week-long adventure in geekdom, to share with you. The caption under Lexi's photo is his, not mine.

Just some random dude, boppin' down the street to his 60's hard rock tunes (I forget which band John said it was)
John gets his photo snapped with the Olympic track star who ran the 400 -- same event John ran back in high school.
Lex And Her Brother
They had some guy there doing funny storyboards for several of the speakers.
Another Random Dude
A Street Musician Across From The Old Driskill Hotel
A Very Fashionable Juggler
Tubas? We LOVE Tubas!
All in all, I think my hubby had a pretty amazing time, 'though his tail is definitely dragging now. Too bad it had to end on such an horrific note. As you've probably heard by now, on Wednesday evening a drunk driver drove through a police barricade, straight into the crowd down on 6th street (where most of these pics were taken), killing two and injuring at least two dozen more, some of them critically. So many lives ruined by one disastrous choice.

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