Sunday, February 16, 2014


My husband simply cannot be trusted. Time and time again we have agreed that we have way too much stuff already, and we really don't need to exacerbate the problem by buying anymore geegaws for one another. So, we'll make a pact at Christmas to only fill stockings for each other, and not bother with actual presents. I stick to the plan and do a normal stocking for him, merely to find that he has filled, not only a huge stocking, but also an entire wing back chair, for me. "Hey, if it's in the chair and not under the tree, it counts as stocking!"

This year for Valentine's we agreed that, after a lovely dinner out, a card and a little something sweet on Valentine's morning would be more than enough. But then I wake up to this.

No, it's not a new watch or bracelet, it's a Fitbit! It's kinda like a pedometer on steroids, only one that I can't lose quite so easily, or drop in the toilet, or any of the things that I have done to countless other pedometers. My friend Julie showed up with one a while back, but when she started talking about computer tracking and all the different things it could monitor, I immediately thought "Whoa! Sounds way too complicated for me!"

But then, right before Valentines, we had lunch with Squeedunk Jr., and he showed us his new fitbit. He explained that anytime I stood within a few feet of my computer, it would automatically update how many steps I'd taken and how many calories I'd burned since the last update, and add them to my log. And, if I'd sit down for a minute or two after each meal and log in what I'd had to eat, it would keep track of calories-in and calories-out for me. Then, let's say you were thinking you might like to lose, oh, about 15 lbs. before a certain someone's wedding in November, it could make a Food Plan for you, telling you how many more calories you must burn than you take in each day, in order to reach that goal. The best part is that they already have thousands of foods and their nutritional values programmed in. For example, start typing "peanut butter" or "frozen waffle", and before you are halfway done, at least half a dozen brands will pop up. Then all you do is type in how much you had. They even have restaurant info. too! For instance, we had met up with sonny boy at Mama Fu's that day, and he already knew that he wanted to order the orange chicken, since he had checked it out on the Fitbit site first.

Anyhoo, I had been thinking about starting back to Weight Watchers again, even though I'd have to drive to another town for meetings, since the one in Wimberley closed a few years back. But once I found out how simple the fitbit was, I started to have second thoughts. Hubby must have seen the light in my eye, and that, combined with the opportunity to play with a new gizmo? Well, it was just too much for the boy! So, not only did I get the fitbit, I also got all these different colored rubberized bracelets that you just pop the gizmo in and out of!

I'm proud to report that even an infamous technophobe such as myself can handle one of these, and I must admit, there's something a bit addictive about the instant gratification of seeing your steps and burned calories ka-chinging their way up your computer screen. Why, not only did I do my usual workout at Curves yesterday, I hiked up and down my Mt. Everest of a driveway not once, but twice --for the sheer joy of running to check my chart afterwards! Well, and to look for mail that never came. Alas, all poor Hubby got was this card and his favorite thumbprint cookies.

Inside it says "We go together perfectly!"
I thought it was the best card ever when I found it, but now I'm not so sure. Yesterday I caught a whiff of something raunchy, and squealed "JO-OHN!" Did he have the decency to look sheepish? Not in the least! He merely grinned, saying "Hey, just trying to live up to my reputation!"

That boy. Gotta love 'im!


Corrine at said...

Join the Fitbit revolution. Hubby got me one for Christmas and I will say, that I set my goal for 10,000 steps and at least a few days a week I get to 11,12,13, even a 14,000 day. It does motivate....Have fun with it. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Corrine, do you live in walking distance to shops and libraries and such, or is that all from your treks through the woods? What I love about traveling in Europe is getting to eat anything I want and still lose weight, because you walk everywhere! I have loved the semi-country lifestyle these last 5 or 6 years, but the older I get, the more I think about living in the heart of our little village, and being able to walk most anyplace I want to go! (especially since we almost never have to deal with snow here)