Monday, February 3, 2014


Continuing on with my color-mad art diary, courtesy of Joanne Sharpe's Draw Your Awesome Life class...

instead of simply drawing my grocery list, as suggested, I thought it might be fun to draw the things that come in the basket of locally grown or produced foods which I order from The Bountiful Sprout every other week -- maybe even talk about what I end up making with those ingredients. What a great seasonal reference for the future, when I'm wondering what might be available at a particular time of year, or wanting ideas of things to make with say, kale and Meyer lemons, for instance. (Answer: Crack Kale!)

Next up were a couple of projects involving blind contour drawings. You know, the ones where you can only look at the object you are sketching, and not at the page or what your pen is doing?

That's right, you have to do it in permanent pen. No erasing allowed!

The first time I was ever told to do this, I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard of. There is, however, a method to this madness. After all, art is not about teaching your hand to paint or draw. It's about teaching your eyes to SEE! When you can't watch what your hand is doing, all you have to rely on are the messages your eyes are sending to your brain. The more you do this, the better you get at seeing the lines, shapes, and shadows that are actually there, instead of the preconceived notion you have of what a hand or a tree is supposed to look like.

Oh, and did I mention that it's supposed to be done in one long, continuous line? The only time you are allowed to look or lift your pen off the page is when moving to a different section that is in no way connected to the previous line. I might have accidentally peeked once or twice. I couldn't help it -- my eyes slipped!

What you end up with is some very imperfect, abstract art, but I'm getting where I like it more and more. Makes me feel kinda Picasso-ish.

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Corrine at said...

Love your loose sketchy approach and watercolor, never been my way, but I always admire those who do. xox