Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have tried walking in many different locations in our little community, but my very favorite is still the newish hike and bike trail that leads down to the Blue Hole park.

I liked it in summer because there were so many wonderful trees to protect you from that blazin' Texas sun.

I love it even more, however, now that I've discovered that the area along Cypress Creek is open to walkers year round, even when it's closed to swimmers.

It's so very quiet without a horde of squealing kiddos awaiting their turn at the rope swings!

Is there anything more blissful than gazing into still water, while hearing it rippling over rocks in the background?

The many cypress trees that give this creek its name.
Once I've completed the loop along the water, I head off on the nature trail that runs through the trees atop a cliff overlooking the creek.

View From the Overlook
The Overlook, Seen From Below
Tangled tree roots creep down the cliff-face.
 Nope, as far as I'm concerned, there's no better place for a walking meditation!

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