Sunday, January 26, 2014


Long, long ago, around the time I was born in the early 50s, there was a lodge built on the shores of Cypress Creek, in Wimberley, Texas. It was surrounded by little "casitas", and people came from far and wide to stay there and soak up a bit of that famous Hill Country atmosphere.

Western movie star Slim Pickens stayed there too, and made a commercial for the lodge. By the time we moved here, however, the place had undergone a period of absentee ownership, fallen into disrepair, and eventually shut down. We had driven by a few times, to eat at a little burger place that sat on the banks of the creek behind it, and from the outside it had looked a bit like an old nursing home where everyone had just, well, passed away.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I got a call from Lex saying she and Nate would be coming to tour Cypress Falls Event Center, as a possible venue for their wedding. I was downright flabbergasted when they returned from the tour positively giddy with delight, convinced that they had found the perfect place!

You see, what I didn't realize was that the burger place we used to go to down by the creek? Well, that was being run by the family who had just bought the place. It was their first little business adventure while they set about the work of making their BIG dream come true  -- that of bringing Cypress Falls back to life.

Ceremony Site, Weather Permitting
Rear entry to the lodge, where wedding party will return from the creekside ceremony site.
Yesterday Hubby and I got to meet up there with Lex, Nate, and Nate's folks, Holly and Sandy. Finally, I get it. I know why they were so giddy!

For one thing, our family has a thing for twinkle lights. And paper lanterns. And mason jars. Most places Lex visited charged a good bit extra to hang those things from their trees. Or, if they were already there, they charged extra just to turn them on! Here, it was all part of the very reasonable package.

Outdoor Bar Area
Another problem was that most of the venues they had visited had gorgeous outdoor settings, but their back-up plan for inclement weather was to put up a tent. Uhhhh...No. This place has a huge indoor room that would be perfect, plus a little something extra that pretty much clenched the deal -- a secret door!

If you are heading back from the lobby area, you will find an old fashioned glass phone booth. If, however, you were to push on the back wall of that phone booth, it would slide away, allowing entry to this cozy little indoor bar, with a stone fireplace at either end. It reminded the kids of one of those prohibition era "speakeasies"...

which is how they ended up with a speakeasy-themed wedding. Truth be told, I think Lex is half-hoping for bad weather, so they can just spend all of their time in here!

Basically, the kids just weren't looking for a traditional/formal wedding site. What they wanted was a casual/funky place where the whole wedding party could stay on site, and they could all just hang out together for the entire weekend.

So, in the process of making their own dreams come true, the family who brought this place back to life will make this special couple's dreams come true as well!

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