Friday, January 10, 2014


Well, the wedding invitations have gone out for the first of our two engaged kiddos, and I'm really loving how they turned out.

This is just the upper portion, without the details.
They were designed by my niece Megan and her hubby Ben, who are both into graphic design, and this was their wedding gift to Lex and Nate. They did a fantastic job of evoking the 1920's theme of their wedding, did they not?

The flipside of the invitation, which directs you to their website.
Within a couple of days of mailing them out, Lex was seeing action on their event website (RSVPs, favorite dance song selections, gift registry, etc.), and she shot me a note saying "This all got very real all of a sudden. I am so excited I can hardly sit still!"

Is there anything more wonderful than seeing one's children this happy?

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