Monday, January 20, 2014


Didn't have much time in the "studio" (aka bedroom corner) this weekend, what with a birthday to celebrate on Saturday, and a funeral to attend on Sunday. So, instead of getting knee-deep in a project, then having to tear myself away from it, I did this.

I spread open two different journals and gessoed a two-page spread in each, then laid out some of my favorite art supplies. All weekend long, whenever I entered the bedroom for some reason, I'd wander over to the art table and do a bit of spraying or dabbing, some scribbling or dribbling. Next thing I knew, I had two completed backgrounds, ready and waiting for inspiration to strike!


Corrine at said...

juicy supplies....wonderful acrylic inks...xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Corrine, I had never used those acrylic inks until I took Juliette's class at Lucky Star. Love them! Especially the fluorescents.