Friday, January 17, 2014


Last night we had to make a choice. We could go hear Ray Wylie Hubbard play at Susanna's Kitchen and eat pie, OR, we could could go to the town meeting that was being held over whether HEB should be allowed to move into Wimberley.

These town meetings are always pretty fractious, but this one was going to be a doozie! I've never seen the population so polarized. On the one hand, we all hate it when big corporate-owned stuff tries to come to town and put locally owned places out of business. After all, didn't we come here to get away from that kind of homogeneity? Plus, the spot where they want to put it is right in the center of town, where the traffic is already becoming a bit of a nightmare, with left turns out of parking lots nigh on impossible -- something else we came here to get away from.

On the other hand, the store they are likely to put out of business is not locally owned, and their prices are pretty ridiculous. For instance, a cereal my hubby used to go through a couple of boxes of per week cost me right at five bucks, for a small box, here at Brookshire Bros. If I drove 20 minutes to the HEB in Dripping, I could get it for three. But, that's the other thing. We already have three HEBs less than 30 minutes away. How many do we actually need? Anyway, the whole community is in an uproar over this, and I wouldn't have been surprised if the town meeting turned into a mad melee!

So which activity do you think we chose?

Well, we couldn't let the poor guy play to an empty house, now could we? Turns out we needn't have worried. He ended up playing to the largest crowd we have ever seen at one of these things, with many people standing up for the entire performance. The boy knows how to entertain!

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