Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Our family, like most others, has their own set of holiday rituals. Some, like our obsession with stocking-stuffing, come from my childhood -- though it was taken to a whole new level when my hubby joined the clan. Others, like the guys choosing a tacky sci-fi flick to watch on Christmas Eve, after the kiddles were asleep, came from said kiddles childhood. A few, though, are fairly recent additions, established or embellished during those first couple of Christmases spent here in Wimberley. The annual trip to Whole Foods is one of those.

It started the year their flagship store opened in downtown Austin, and we went in the day before Christmas to pick up a few things for our Christmas dinner. However, the crowds there on Christmas Eve have multiplied exponentially each year since, especially once they added an ice skating rink into the mix, so this year we got smart and went a couple of days early. 

This excursion requires energy and sustenance, so we began by meeting up at Easy Tiger -- a fairly new bakery/charcuterie/pub/cafe down on 6th street, where pretty much everything is made in-house.

Pretzels with Beer Cheese and Mustard
Oh, and did I mention the amazing assortment of beers on tap?

Several in the group were quite impressed with a Christmas ale that had just a hint of gingerbread in it.

My Dr. Pepper was an excellent vintage.
Me? Well, I don't drink beer, but I was just blown away by the ambiance!

In warmer weather you can venture out onto a terrace with picnic and ping-pong tables, which overlooks the Austin riverwalk.

I didn't know Austin even HAD a riverwalk!

And then we were off to Whole Foods, where everyone chose what they wanted to contribute to our Christmas feast.

It can be quite the magical place this time of year, if you just remember to wear your child's-eye-glasses!

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Teri H said...

I had heard that Austin was getting a "riverwalk"... Awesome it's already done! Fun tradition!