Monday, December 16, 2013


Well, we're back from Big D, and other than having to deal with the unbelievable traffic coming up I-35 (lots of construction that seems to be taking years to complete), the nightmare of coming to a crashing halt as you head into downtown Dallas, and the general madhouse that is Central Expressway, a good time was had by all.

In case you're wondering whether everyone in my family got stuck with crazy nicknames like Gus Gus and Poodie, well, that's Wooly Booger, my baby brother, standing behind the sofa. Ha! I just realized that every single male here is either an engineer, a computer geek, or both. Thank goodness they aren't all introverts as well. Conversation is much more lively now that Nate has joined the group! (That's him, on the sofa, sporting his trademark "Ugly Christmas Sweater" with some rather naughty reindeer on it.)

Hubby swears in a new member to his anti-photo fan club.
On Saturday evening we met for a lovely dinner at a great little neighborhood Italian place called Aboca, which is practically across the street from Poodie's condo. Afterwards we came back to her place for dessert and prezzies. Did I take photos? Not a single one! That's what happens when I get to yakkin' with my sibs.

Next morning we met up out in Plano at Gussie's house for brunch, and I almost did it again! Luckily, about five minutes before the party broke up, I remembered to run around like crazy and snap a few quick photos. What a doofus!

Back to the traffic thing, which is really becoming an issue. I guess I've just been living in Wimberley too long. When you deal with that craziness on a daily basis, you don't give it that much thought. But the longer you've been away from it, the harder it is to come back. My sisters were never too fond of driving through Austin on a Friday afternoon to come see me, either, but now that they are retired they can travel mid-week, and there are ways to bypass it altogether. Unfortunately, there's just no way to avoid the downtown/central madhouse when I go to see them, and it matters not what day it is. Anywho, it got us to thinkin'. We're thinking that, before any of us get too much older, we should try to find a central place between Plano, Fort Worth, and Wimberley, for our family get-togethers, where no one has to drive more than three or four hours, and which has other ways to get there besides I-35. Any suggestions? Anybody?

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