Saturday, December 28, 2013


Just wanted to share with you a couple of the handmade gifts I received this Christmas. This first one was made by my daughter Alexis. She made several of these chalk-painted boards, each a little different from the rest. For instance, the one she did for Austin and Areej still had bark around the edges, for a more rustic look. She intended them as serving boards, where you could set out an array of cheeses and label them for your guests.

However, they would also be excellent hanging on the pantry door, for shopping lists, or above one's desk, for to-do lists or ideas!

This necklace was made by my SIL Priscilla, who is a polymer clay artist. Just my colors, no?

I especially love this amazing adjustable band that she came up with all on her own. It allows the necklace to slip easily over one's Big Texas Hair, but then you can adjust it so that the pendant falls precisely where you want it to fall, according to whatever you happen to be wearing. She even made the little sliders herself!

They always say "It's all about who you know." That's why I make a point to surround myself with creative people!


Corrine at said...

Pretty and pactical. Like that closure on the necklace....and the chalkboard has so many uses...I have two walls in the house painted with it. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

That sounds awesome Corrine. I would love a chalk wall!