Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 Middle sister Gus sent Poodie the most gorgeous Get Well arrangement ever.

First of all, hydrangeas are my very favorite flower.

Then there's the colors on those roses, like a Hill Country sunrise.

The most amazing part is these curlicue things, that look like ribbon candy. Turns out they are actually leaves.

Whatever plant they came from? I want it!

As if that arrangement weren't enough, Gus also cooked us a fabulous dinner, which we've been eating off of for days.

Now if only Poodie felt well enough to appreciate any of this! We did put a call in to her doctor's office yesterday morning. Took all day for the nurse to get back to us, then she was of no help whatsoever. Fortunately however, whilst we were waiting for them to get back to us, someone from his scheduling desk called to say he couldn't keep our Thursday appointment, and would we be willing to come in Tuesday (today) instead. We are heading out the door shortly!

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