Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We had a new assignment last week, in my Wild Art Summer class -- one involving summer markets. We were to take ourselves out on an "artist's date" to explore our favorite summer markets, be they veggie, antique, flea, or whatever, to see what inspiration we could find there. My first thought was "Hey, I've got that covered!", since we had just recently returned from a day spent at both the amazing Findlay Market and the City Flea in Cincinnati. However, once I'd flipped through all the pictures I'd taken there, and sat down to play in my sketch book, something strange happened. Instead of sketches from Findlay, I found myself staring at snippets from our Vacation of the Decade in France a couple of years back. Snippets from Paris...


Le Miel en Motte just means honey in mound. Miel Extrait means extracted honey.

and Marseilles.

I think I could fill an entire journal with nothing but market scenes!  For now, however, I had to settle for this simple composite sketch.

Vive la France!

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