Thursday, December 6, 2012


Guess who's getting a professional facelift today? No, not me Silly. My blog! Yep, it's time for the queen of Seasonality to practice what she preaches, and embrace a bit of change. I started playing with it on my own a while back -- got rid of the neon green background that I'd had since I began writing it, and even managed the switch to a funkier font that was a little more "me." Alas, that was about as far as my technical skills could take me, and I wanted more. I wanted a banner that would personify "seasonality" -- one that might even change with the seasons itself -- and would reflect the new directions in which my passions were leading me.

That's why I decided to get back in touch with Michelle over at Shabby Creations -- the gal who helped bring my vision for Miss Becky Goes Abroad to life. We've been chatting back and forth all week, and I finally got to see a preview yesterday afternoon. It's even yummier than I had hoped! We just have a wee bit more tweaking to do, before you can see it for yourself -- hopefully by this evening or maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned for the big reveal!