Saturday, December 31, 2011


Oooh!  I almost forgot to tell you!  Way last Thursday, when Lex first came over for the holidays, before things sort of fell apart on us, we spent a really fun day together, doing some of our very favorite things.  One of those things was to check out a couple of new Trendmaker model homes that just popped up out on RR12, right next to Wimberley Glass Works.
Now, I really wasn't the least bit envious of the houses themselves, and their location butt-atop a busy highway left a lot to be desired. But the colors, fabrics and textures inside?  Oh my my, those caused me some serious pangs of lust!
This entire house was done in shades of apple green and rich chocolate brown -- a new take on the rich earth-tones I have always favored.
The walls in every room were a combination of white beaded board wainscoting and green horizontal paneling that gave it a bit of a rustic, cabin-like feel.
You'd have to be careful with that apple green though, or it could be way too cutsey!  Using a soft, muted shade of it, and then adding all the fabulous, rich textures of the woodgrains, cork, bamboo and textiles, is what saves it from irritating perkiness.
As is customary with model homes, everything was decorated and landscaped to the hilt, and I'm sure almost everything was considered an "upgrade" or additional cost on top of the list price.
We didn't even ask what the list price was, or how large the lots were.  I suspect that these pavilions and water tanks were just fluff, to add atmosphere, and that once they start building out the neighborhood, you will be sitting on your back porch, looking out on a bunch more houses rather than this lovely scene.  Again, we didn't even ask.  All we really wanted to know was, where did you get all these luscious fabrics and furnishings.  Of course, that's the one question the salespeople couldn't answer!
I'm pretty sure this headboard was made out of cork.


Linda Hoye said...

It's fun to browse new show homes! By the way...I work for the company that has builds Trendmaker homes!

Hill Country Hippie (aka Miss Becky) said...

Linda, our house in the Houston suburbs (not the townhouse, which we just leased for a while) was a Trendmaker.