Thursday, May 14, 2009


I really hesitated before using that title. You wouldn't believe the weirdos that hit your blog, expecting to find something else. I mean, really! (When I was posting about a chapter in Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which discusses how big agri-business has so over-bred turkeys, they can no longer have sex, I gave it the title Turkey Sex, and my site meter went through the roof. Eeeewww!). However, this is, in fact, the slogan for Wimberley's newest fine dining establishment, The Dandy Dog, and I think it's kind of catchy. Since we always do our best to support local endeavors, we felt it was our duty to give it a try. Not bad, I must say! The regular dogs are pure angus beef, and of course, there's a tofu version for our many vegetarians. He likes it!


Polly said...

You caught me. My secret vice is hot dogs. I love the damn things, no matter how bad they are for me, full of salt and lots of sort-of-meat and stuff-that-might-be-meat-but-not-really. And those look delicious.

FYI - next Thursday, James Coney Island is celebrating their anniversary with 86 cent chili-cheese-dogs. I'm thinking of pitching a tent the night before to be first in line!

Joanna Jenkins said...

YUM-MMY!!!! Those babies look fabulous! I'll take mine with ketchup and sweet relish please :-)
We have "World Famous" Pink's Hot Dogs here in LA but the line is in sane and the limos lined up make parking tough, but when you hit the timing just right-- You are in hot dog heaven-- Along with possibly some big name movie stars with mustard on their chins.

d.a. said...

I'll have to find where this is located... cool!

Hill Country Hippie said...

It's just off the square d.a., down the little side road that leads to the extra parking lot. (I think the road is directly behind Marco's - the Italian place in the middle of the square.)