Thursday, May 7, 2009


Monday went better than expected. Pipe guys showed up and worked diligently all day long. One of Pad Guy's little helper dudes became my hero when he volunteered to build the retaining wall on his own time (and on my dime, of course), using stone from here on the property. He's also going to come back after the tank is set to pour the cement curb around its base.

Helper Dude and his buddies spent a grueling three or four hours dragging stone and stacking it, and I don't begrudge a single cent of what I agreed to pay him - especially since he must split it with his buddies, and pay for cement, etc. What I'm having to pay Pad Guy, on the other hand, is a major thorn in my side. But at least we're going to have something to set the tank on when it arrives!

* * *
Tuesday dawned bright and clear, and I was feeling pretty chipper. All we needed was a little more pipe work, a layer of crushed stone, and we were good to go! A few hours later, when not a soul had shown up, I wasn't quite so chipper. To combat mounting agitation, I decided to go work out, then stopped at Mima's for a taco. Guess who I ran into there? Pad Guy and his helpers! Of course, they assured me, they were on their way to my house right now. So I ate lunch, ran a couple of errands, then headed home. When I got there, I saw that a little pile of gravel had shown up, but there were no workers to be seen, anywhere. So, here it is, Wednesday morning. The tank is due to be delivered today, and I have half a pad and incomplete pipe work. Should be interesting!

Tune in tomorrow, same time, same station...


musingegret said...

Hang in there gal! And say OMMMMM alot. After 6 days of being bounced around from department to department at Austin Energy my issue finally got escalated to the 'correct boss' so now a repairman will be on my step bright and early tomorrow a.m. YAY! So glad the Helper dude is gonna build that retaining wall for you.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Me too - he's my hero! Don't you just love getting the bureaucratic runaround?